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Driving Lessons in and around Atherton, Leigh, Westhoughton and Hindley

Is it time you took the plunge and learned how to drive? Would you like to take a fast pass course and be on the road as soon as possible? Do you want an instructor that has a high pass rate, excellent reviews and a diary that fits around your schedule? If you live in Atherton or the surrounding areas, you need to call Dee of VR Driving School.

VR Driving School of Atherton is the number one destination for people who want to learn to drive in a beautiful modern car, under the tutelage of a patient instructor. Thanks to local instructor Dee, more and more ecstatic drivers are passing first time, and are ripping up the L plates and taking to the road on their own.

Thanks to Atherton Driving School’s block bookings and intensive driving courses, you could be on the road sooner than you think. In no time at all you could be taking control of your own car, confident in the knowledge that you have had the best possible teacher, and that your driving skills are razor sharp. Call Dee today on 01942 886745 to book in for your first lesson. Alternatively, you can reach him on his mobile on 07812144802, or get in touch via the VR Driving School Facebook Page.

Intensive Driving Courses in Atherton, Leigh, Westhoughton and Hindley

Have you been doing endless searches for intensive driving courses in Atherton? Has looking for the best fast past courses near me left you exhausted? No need to look any further, you’ve found the fast pass instructor to get you on the road right here!

VR Driving School specialise in intensive driving courses in Atherton and beyond. We have had people learn to drive (and pass) with us from areas such as;

  • Atherton

  • Leigh

  • Hindley

  • Westhoughton

  • Daisy Hill

  • Astley

  • Tyldesley

We know how eager people are to pass once they have taken control of the wheel for the first time, which is why our fast pass courses are extremely popular. We have found that intensive learning produces fantastic results, and our first time pass rate is incredibly high. If you would like to learn quickly rather than have the odd lesson here and there, call us now to check our availability.

Fast Pass Courses in Atherton, Leigh, Westhoughton and Hindley

If you are looking for a crash course specialist nearby then give Dee at VR Driving School a call. For anyone looking to undertake a fast pass course in Atherton, he is the person to go to. His pass record speaks for itself and you only have to look at the beaming faces of his students that have done a fast pass course with him and passed first time to know that it was time and money well spent.

Take a look at the gallery of first time passers here, or read the overwhelmingly positive reviews of the quality of the tuition on the VR Driving School Facebook by clicking the following link:

VR Driving School Facebook Page

Pass Quick

Why drag out the length of time that it takes you to pass your driving test when you could pass quickly with an intensive course instead? VR Driving School are the only choice if you want to learn with an instructor whose testimonials praise his patience, dedication and results. Dee will teach you everything you need to know in order to pass, and very soon you could be joining the hundreds of happy people that have passed thanks to his expert tuition.

Learning to drive by intensive driving courses has been proven to increase pass rates because the student soaks up the information and retains it much more effectively. Think about it; if you learn the traditional way and have maybe one or two lessons a week, you learn something new but then you don’t get the opportunity to practice it for another week. This puts you at a disadvantage to someone on an intensive block of lessons because they have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice straight away. The is the beauty of a fast pass course; because it is intensive you learn much more quickly.

Take your intensive course driving lessons with the best instructor in Atherton. Book in blocks of ten if you feel confident before you begin, or book the whole 45 hour intensive course for the quickest and best results. For more information on prices and availability, just visit the VR Driving School website or send Dee a message via Facebook.

Fast Pass Instructor in Atherton, Leigh, Westhoughton and Hindley

If you need a fast pass instructor in Atherton then you need to give Dee at VR Driving School a call. Aside from being one of the most popular Atherton driving schools thanks to excellent word of mouth recommendations from previous students, Dee has had massive success with his fast pass courses. By compacting the timeframe in which they learn, these intensive driving lesson sessions offer the student the opportunity to learn faster. With increased rates of learning and practice comes increased confidence and a better standard of driving.

Of course, the intensive time structure isn’t suitable for everyone, which is why there is the option of booking blocks of ten hours of driving lessons as well. This is a way of experiencing the intensity of the fast pass course without the need to commit to an intensive timeframe. However, many people find that once they have had a taste of the block sessions they would prefer to do the fast pass course anyway! This is a testament to Dee’s skills as an instructor and his impressive results really need no further explanation.

If you want to learn to drive under a highly recommended instructor with years of experience and a proven track record for first-time-passers, you need to get in touch with VR Driving School right now. Learn to drive with someone who knows the local area like the back of their hand, has the calm temperament to teach students who are incredibly nervous, and has been the reason for many people in the surrounding area getting their pass certificate. Call, email or message on social media now and join the legions of people who pass with VR Driving School of Atherton.

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